News for XLX740

For: July 16, 2018

The transcoding module for XLX740 is now active and ready for testing!

To use the transcoding module, connect to XLX740 Module E. When transmitting,
wait a second or two for the systems to wake up and activate, then speak as 
you normally would.

With transcoding, DMR users can talk with D-Star users, and D-Star users can 
talk to DMR users. Yaesu Fusion and P25 have not yet been tested.

Pi-Star with DMRGateway users:

Make a private call to 68740 – this will connect you to the XLX740 master, 
and the default module D. Module D is used for DMR to DMR radio calls. To 
switch to the transcoding module make another private call, this time to 
64005 – this will switch DMRGateway off of module D and put you on module E 
for transcoding. Use talkgroup 6 to talk on the reflector.

D-Star users (Pi-Star, DVAP, etc):

Set URCALL to XRF740EL and ‘kerchunk’ (press PTT for a second and release)
this will switch your hotspot to use XLX740’s module E. Once connected, switch 
URCALL back to CQCQCQ (or Use Reflector), and call as you normally would.

For: June 29, 2018

Unscheduled downtime from 28 JUN 2018 20:00 EDT to 29 JUN 2018 08:00 EDT

The datacenter that XLX740 is located in suffered from a cascading HVAC
failure, forcing administrators to shut down many servers in the affected
sections to prevent loss of hardware due to overheating. Unfortunately, 
the server that hosts XLX740 was one of the servers needed to be powered 

As of 08:00 EDT, services have been restored and reporting healthy. New
backup snapshots have been taken, and no further issues have been reported.

Thank you for your patience!

73 de KC1AWV

For: June 17, 2018

XLX740 is now online!

XLX Multiprotocol Gateway system number 740 is now online.
This system can be accessed via DPlus, DExtra, DCS and XLX.





This reflector is sponsored and run by Steve Miller, KC1AWV, 
with the intention of testing and bringing into use, a D-Star 
reflector for East Rockingham ARES.

XLX740 is open for general public use. Please be aware that 
modules A, B, C, and D are intended for use by ARES, and general 
use and interlinks should be limited to modules G-Z.

Questions and comments should be sent to KC1AWV
Thank you, and enjoy your stay!

73 de KC1AWV